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The Institute consists of three studios focusing on different aspects of architecture and design each delivering a unique perspective on the subject:


Headed by Prof. Dr. Michel Müller, the Laboratory for Experimental Art & Architecture / LEAR, at the Cologne Institute for Architectural Design / CIAD, tackles the topics of artistic studies, experimental spaces, transformative architecture, building prototypes and architectural research.

The laboratory’s primary focus is an integrative approach, taking ecological, economic, cultural, social and artistic aspects into account. It examines the interactions between these various aspects and assessed with a view to creating architecture for the future. The key question its work addresses is “What factors influence the way we build and what methods can we use to create architecture that meets contemporary needs?” The main objective is to develop sustainable approaches towards shaping our architectural environment.

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Identity through architecture

If a company interacts with the public, it is the outer/outward appereance, which is taken notice of first, and the public decides if a company is perceived positively. Therefore corporate design plays a tremendously important role for the sucess of a company.
Corporate architecture is one part of the corporate identity and still predominantly interconnected with communication design.
But do designers know enough about space, or shouldn’t rather architects learn more about communication? Which criteria and strategies have to be taken into account by creating space?
How many and which design specifications are useful, how much freedom is necessary? How can the sucess of corporate architecture be truly made measurable?
At the Cologne Institute for Architectural Design, we intensively deal with architecture in the context of identity communication. Since 2008 these issues are being discussed within our master course “Corporate Architecture” and the equally named research programm.

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Im Fach CAD und in den Wahlfächern ‚Modellieren’, ‚Formfindung’, ‚Bauen mit Computern’ und ‚Entwerfen mit Computern’ werden die Grundlagen digitaler Entwurfsmethoden, computergenerierter Prozesse und maschineller Produktion vermittelt. Der Gestaltwerdungsprozess mit dem Computer soll dabei kritisch reflektiert und hinterfragt werden. Ziel ist es, die Qualität des architektonischen Entwurfes zu steigern.

CAM steht für Computer Aided Manufacturing. Das Labor steht unter der Leitung von Dipl.-Ing. Julian Krüger und wird von Dipl.-Ing. Hans Sachs betreut. In den letzten Jahren hat der Computer nicht nur als Zeichenwerkzeug in der Architektur an Bedeutung gewonnen. Bei einer Vielzahl prominenter Großprojekte aus jüngster Zeit ist die Nutzung des Computers als integratives Entwurfs- und Produktionswerkzeug nicht mehr wegzudenken.

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